Friday, September 12, 2008

The Hard Shake

The Hard Shake will be an infrequently updated forum in which to post newly invented cocktails, cocktail and bar news, and other interesting EtOH-related tidbits. I'll primarily use this as a place to post the drinks I "invent", and any readers should feel free to add to them, comment, tweak, and make their own inventions.

My intended audience consists primarily in amateur cocktail enthusiasts with a penchant for experimentation. It is not my intent to compare myself to the many excellent established cocktail blogs, nor to any of the excellent mixologists plying their trade in New York City and elsewhere. I do not have a categorical knowledge of cocktails or spirits, nor do I have the kind of budget that would enable me to stock my home "bar" with the myriad arcane spirits that the cocktail blogs discuss at such length and with such expertise.

As such, to quote Wittgenstein in a perhaps ungermane application of his thoughts:

"How far my efforts agree with those of other[s] I will not decide. Indeed what I have here written makes no claim to novelty in points of detail; and therefore I give no sources, because it is indifferent to me whether what I have thought has already been thought before my by another. I will only mention that to the great works of [Petraske and Thomas] I owe in large measure the stimulation of my thoughts."

J.D.S., New York, 2008

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